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The Arc Eatery


Arc Eatery is a food service program designed
to provide training for individuals with developmental disabilities and to assist them in gaining skills that can lead toward community employment.


There are three specific areas of concentration for training:

Customer Service

  1. Greeting and Order Taking
  2. Stocking Supplies
  3. General Cleaning


Quality Food Products

  1. Grill Techniques
  2. Specialty Sandwich Making/Salads/Soups
  3. Operating a Fryolator
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Prep for Soups/Salads/Pies
  5. Package Food for Daily Lunches – Puddings/Salads/Cookies
  6. Food Service Delivery


Safe Food Handling

  1. Food Protection - Storage
  2. Proper Handwashing Techniques
  3. Good Hygiene Practices
  4. Dishwashing
  5. Cleanliness of Equipment/Utensils
  6. Garbage/Rubbish Storage and Removal
  7. General Cleaning


Come on in and join the team of workers in a “State of the Art” kitchen.

YOUR DREAM  .   .   .   .   .   OUR MISSION

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